Is Starbucks a good thing?

For years, I looked at Starbucks with suspicion, considering them a predator that pushed small coffee shops out of business.  Then I worked for a few years in Fort Washington (by Philadelphia), where Starbucks was the only option of getting coffee (not counting the horrible office coffee).  That already changed my opinion, as their quality is good, and the were active in the community, too.

I just read this interesting piece on Starbucks in the Economist, and they mention a few more tidbits that show that Starbucks, indeed, is different:

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Why old people in Germany have such a hard time finding work

The Economist just published a special on the problem of the ageing workforce (free for all). The whole article is worth a read, but the following piece of trivia caught me in particular: Britain and Germany used to have more or less the same unemployment rate for people aged 50-65. Not any more, today (2003) the rate is 3.3% for Britain and 9.7% for Germany. And now look at what people earn: In Germany, 50-65-year-old earn 60-70% more on average than 25-30-year-old, but in Britain, it’s roughly the same!

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Picking a Web CMS

I know that I’ll need such a study again one day.  Here’s an article on selecting an open-source CMS and

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