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Embedding Video with Libreoffice on Linux (Mint)…

… does not work, unless you install libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer.  This is just a note to myself.

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Try this with Windows: Switching to a new laptop by swapping the harddrive works flawless with Linux

I just love the fact that you can just take a hard drive with Linux out of one computer, put

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Ubuntu: Problem with international Keyboard Layouts

I was very close to dumping Ubuntu. This has so far been the best Desktop Linux distribution I ever worked with, and I really liked the ease of use. But one day, something broke. It didn’t allow me to switch between keyboard layouts any more! As I often have to compose texts in German, this is a big deal, and quite a problem. I was exploring the various forums for months! I found quite a few people who had the same problem, but nobody with a solution that actually worked for me.

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