The Irish say no!

The following commentary on the Economist’s Website pretty well captures my sentiment: "To say that people should not have a

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Stellungnahme von Greenwheels

Eine der belebtesten Seiten auf ist die Kritik an Greenwheels, wo ärgerliche Kunden inzwischen über 50 Kommentare hinterlassen haben. Ich wurde kürzlich von Birger Holm, Geschäftsführer der Greenwheels GmbH, angesprochen, der nach einer Möglichkeit suchte, aktiv Stellung zu nehmen. Wir haben vereinbart, sein Statement hier zu veröffentlichen und damit eine neue Diskussion anzustoßen, statt die Stellungnahme in der bestehenden Diskussion zu "begraben".

Ich hoffe hiermit zur besseren Kommunikation zuwischen Kunde und Unternehmen beizutragen, denn letzen Endes sind wir ja alle daran interessiert, dass das Carsharing funktioniert.

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Help in Burma / Myanmar

I’ve been following the news in Myanmar for several years. I conciously noticed Myanmar as one of the most miserable places on this planet the first time around 2000 in San Francisco, when some friends and I went to a Burmese Restaurant. We were part of a supper club, picking the cuisine by following the alphabet and matching it with a country starting with that letter. We picked Burma for B, just to learn that officially it was Myanmar.

It feels like there is nothing we can do to help, but there is! Read on to learn what you can do to help the Burmese people!

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Reincarnation regulated

In the long tale of Chinese-Tibetan relations, the Chinese authorities decided to regulate reincarnation.  While this sounds bizarre at first

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Meeting Ambassador Young-jin Choi of South Korea

When I visited Boston last week for a friend’s wedding, my wife and I looked for interesting events. We didn’t get disappointed: besides attending a panel discussion with Howard Zinn on the withdrawal from Iraq and watching the Play Einstein’s Dreams, we had the honor of attending a dinner with Mr. Young-jin Choi, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations. Mr. Choi was giving an enlightened talk for  I found a transcript of the talk he gave at the Carnegie Council – and below you’ll find my personal comments.

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