Meeting Ambassador Young-jin Choi of South Korea

When I visited Boston last week for a friend’s wedding, my wife and I looked for interesting events. We didn’t get disappointed: besides attending a panel discussion with Howard Zinn on the withdrawal from Iraq and watching the Play Einstein’s Dreams, we had the honor of attending a dinner with Mr. Young-jin Choi, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations. Mr. Choi was giving an enlightened talk for  I found a transcript of the talk he gave at the Carnegie Council – and below you’ll find my personal comments.

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Is Starbucks a good thing?

For years, I looked at Starbucks with suspicion, considering them a predator that pushed small coffee shops out of business.  Then I worked for a few years in Fort Washington (by Philadelphia), where Starbucks was the only option of getting coffee (not counting the horrible office coffee).  That already changed my opinion, as their quality is good, and the were active in the community, too.

I just read this interesting piece on Starbucks in the Economist, and they mention a few more tidbits that show that Starbucks, indeed, is different:

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