Word sucks… again

Writing a book in Word simply sucks!  But no way around if the publisher provides the Template in Word.

I was reminded again that it really sucks when Word refused to display spelling errors with the message "There are too many spelling or grammatical errors".

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Windows Refund for Laptops…?

I just got a new Laptop. It came with Windows XP Professional, and couldn’t be ordered without it. I am planning on using it exclusively with Linux. I remembered that years ago, there was a grassroots movement to encourage people to return their unused Windows Licenses for a refund. I was wondering: Is it worth trying…?

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Test the latest Internet Explorer Bug

I guess it’s Microsoft week! Check out this link to Amazon. This link actually goes to Barnes and Noble. If you are using Internet Explorer, all the URLs you see (in the status line, in the Address line) will be www.amazon.com.

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