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Excel in 2017: The same problems as 20 years ago

After relying on Open/LibreOffice (and Latex) for roughly ten years, I am forced to use Microsoft Office again. Sadly enough,

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Beatiful Typsetting with LaTex… not

Very funny – via Dirk Riehle:

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Edward #Snowden Bust in Brooklyn Park (just for a few hours…)

Very cool: Activists erected a Snowden-Memorial in a park in NYC – police is furious and took it down quickly.

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Java & Files, IFiles, Resources, … (or: how standards proliferate #xkcd)

There are just too many implementations of File, Resource and whatnot abound in the Java/Eclipse/EMF ecosystem. Reminds me of this

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Fliegende Pinguine!

Wer hätte das gedacht – Pinguine können doch fliegen:

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This is too funny!!!  If you don’t get it, check out Marvin the Martian and the Editor war.

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Apple’s 1984 Advertisement with iPod

This is so weird – for whatever reason I was looking for Apple’s 1984 Commercial. I found it – and

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Spinning green dot

This Optical Illusion is really amazing!

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Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Disguise your Doberman as a Poodle! 

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Firefox Commercials

The servers at are completely overwhelmed because everybody is downloading those European Mozilla commercials. Here are a few links that actually work:

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