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My favorite Android G1 apps

OI File Manager for file browsing AppManager to install apps outside the market place PDF Viewer – not optimal as […]

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Vodafone UMTS with Ubuntu 8.04 and Thinkpad T61

The Thinkpad T61has a nifty SIM-Slot behind the battery compartment.  Considering that I travel a lot (and that I have a Vodafone UMTS-Card), I figured out how to make it work.

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VoIP with Sipura, Sipgate and Netgear Router

A year ago, I gave Voice over IP a try – and gave up on it. Not because it didn’t work, but because it was not reliable enough. In 90% of all cases it was working fine, but the remining 10% had bad quality, a missing voice channel, etc. That was unacceptable quality.

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Creating a free public Hotspot

My wife runs a Coffee House with free Internet Access.  Until now, we just had a compleatly open Wifi Router.  This was great for the customers, but she worried about her liability.  So I had the task to create a solution with the following requirements:

  • Users must acknowledge terms and conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Collection of information (MAC address, email, etc.), although this was an optonal requirement.
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No more Caps Lock!!!

There was a Google Group mentioned to get rid of the CAPS LOCK key – weird, but I’d support it […]

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Nokia & Bluetooth Compatibility

So I got a phone from work, a Nokia 6021. I specifically asked for one with Bluetooth, which I got. […]

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