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FDP, Rest In Peace


Really? New colors for the FDP (liberal party of Germany)? It's sad, it used to be a party for entrepreneurs and "Mittelstand". But it had become a party for nepotism, and in the end it was simply a pawn for Mrs. Merkel.

This would have been the chance for it to reinvent itself.  For instance, by addressing structural issues for small businesses, like charging for the first call to order (Abmahnung) which is unique worldwide and hampers innovation.  Or highway robbery schemes like mandatory memberships (e.g. IHK) and GEZ (television-fee), which businesses have to pay as well.

But the FDP considers a new color more important, and prefers to discuss the Burka than Business. Sad.

Auctionata - cracking the fine art online auction market


Very cool interview with Alexander Zacke: "People are coming from all over the world to these auctions. They will register and then 30 minutes later, buy a piece for $100,000 and send the money the following morning." Wow.

The interview is quite insightful - in particular, how this team failed once big time, before managing to crack this market.  A market that Ebay (and others) unsuccessfully tried to develop.