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Why does everybody want my phone number?!?


I understand that online services need to verify my identity. But if the service does not involve my phone, why do I need to disclose my phone number?!? I just tried to sign up for Instagram, which is now impossible without a phone number (in spite of email verification). The only thing worse are services that ignore non-phone users, as WhatsApp had done for a long time.

Of course, I understand the reason: A phone number today is the best tool for reliably tracking individuals. Which makes it pretty clear that the user is the product being sold...

Teamviewer better than gotoMeeting


I was surprised how often I encountered gotoMeeting over the last few years. I did not really like the software: The user interface is horrible, it is not available on Linux (which I am using), and the Android app seems unstable.

Yesterday I used TeamViewer for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised: It worked very well, had a great user interface and is available on Linux. I am prepared to pay the $500 is costs on the spot, if it turns out that I will need it on a regular basis.

KVP und ewiges Wachstum


Auf dem HOOD Blog wird die Frage gestellt, ob ein Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess zum Scheitern verurteilt ist. Zunächst lehne ich die Prämisse ab, dass es bei KVP nur um Wachstum geht: KVP impliziert nicht Wachstum!

Die (philosophische) Frage ist eher, ob wir jemals Perfektion erreichen können.  Wenn die Antwort "nein" ist, dann wird es immer Raum für Verbesserungen geben.

Dazu braucht man übrigens kein Scrum.  Das wurde schon in den 80ern mit TQM forciert.